A text by Per L-B Nilsson 1971-1995 Part of An Irish Odyssey The Images The Aran Islands are situated outside Galway at the west coast of Ireland. This group of islands consists of Inishmore, Inishmaan and Inisheer. Some 1400 people inhabit the islands. On Inishmaan there are 250 inhabitants. By its isolated location and the […]

An Irish odyssey – Per L-B Nilsson

A text by Hans Hedberg, Head of Artistic Research From the book: School of Photography, Gothenburg University 2010 What actually constitutes seeing? In a photographer, or in an individual? Perception, as we understand it, seems to be partly a socialised act of volition. We see what we want to see. We see on the basis […]

Beyond Kankakee – Midwest Main Streets

A text by Per L-B Nilsson 1983-84 ”State and 35th” in the south of Chicago was my operational base. Here I was going to live and work for three years. The skyline of Chicago was outlined against the horizon. I moved towards Maxwell Street, Halsted Street, State Street, The Loop, Michigan Avenue and Lincoln Avenue. […]

Chicago Street Photographs

A text by Per L-B Nilsson 1981-1984 It was a windy January day in Chicago. The snow was blowing between the skyscrapers and the wooden houses across to the desolate prairie of the middle-west. It was on this day that my plane was approaching O’Hare Airport from Lake Michigan. The multimillion-person city appeared on the […]

In The Irish Street

A text by Per L-B Nilsson 1967-2011 En irländsk resa omfattar projekten In The Irish Street, Inishmaan Island, Connemara Pictures, The North, Derry and Belfast och Subcultures. Efter att ha följt gatan och 60/70-talets rännstensungar, under en tjugoårsperiod besökt ön Inishmaan och konfronterats med traditionen, har slumpen fört mig till småstädernas Connemara. Minnena från förr […]